An Open Letter to Best Express Foods, the Makers of “Aussie Bites”

HI! I love the Aussie Bites but won’t be buying them again. You use canola oil. Organic or not, it’s shit. Before steam engines went the way of the dinosaurs, canola oil (rapeseed oil) was used as a lubricant. Once the steam engines went away, it was discovered that with WAAAYYYY too much processing – using poisonous chemicals – it could be made “safe” for human consumption. Me? I would prefer not to ingest it at all. In fact, your use of this oil is the ONLY reason I will not buy them again (or any of your products, for that matter).

I implore you to switch to a healthy alternative like coconut oil. All of the other ingredients are A-OK! But, the canola oil must go!

At this point, while they are delicious, I can not consider them healthy since you continue to use a steam engine lubricant as an ingredient. Please consider my alternate, and truly healthy, ingredient.

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