A Call to Arms

First off, I have to can the Yoda Speak. Fun it is on Twitter. In a long blog post, tedious it is!

Some of you may know that I am a regular user of TwoGrand. I love this app. It’s a constant reminder of how awesome the path is and that one should stay on it. Healthy eating is one of the four pillars to awesome heath (the other three being sleep, exercise, and stress management). I tried to post the following on TwoGrand but the app told me to cut it to less than 1000 characters. I have no idea how many characters are in the below post, but I scrapped it and decided to post it here:


I’ve been feeling pretty good about my eating this year, but I feel it is time to confess and do a solid reboot. I’ve been eating paleo/primal for the most part. For the last few months I’ve been cheating once a week. For the math nerds, that’s 1 meal out of 21, which is about 5%. 80/20 is usually a good rule and I’ve been holding to 95/5.

That being said, I need to stop the cheats. Those doughnuts and Ben & Jerry’s, while tasty, aren’t helping the cause. In January, I lost ~25#. Counting that month until now, I’m averaging 10# a month. While still decent, I wonder where I might be now if I had not stumbled.

I will be making a few major changes over the next week:

1. I will be going back to 100% paleo/primal. Along with this, I will be cooking more. I miss the good paleo/primal meals and need to do this as not preparing makes it easier to cheat.

2. I will get back on the wagon. While I haven’t been drinking to excess, I have been enjoying paleo friendly adult beverages here and there. My largest weight loss period this year was the first two months of the year. I did not drink during that period. I also know I will sleep better without it, especially since I’m working nights right now.

3. I will quit smoking. Again. Sigh. I quit spring of last year and made it about 7 months but then bad decisions over the holidays led to my backslide. I want to be done with them.

4. While I am on my feet 8 hours a day (night) at work with lots of walking and some heavy lifting (up to 50#), I want to start other physical activities: I plan to install the new parts on my old Model B Concept 2 rowing machine and start REAL heavy lifting at home. I have the weights, just waiting on a bench/squat rack. For the record, the current night job made a huge impact on my weight loss when I started it. Leading up to it, I was losing about 1-2# a week on nutrition alone. My first week on the new job, I was down 8#!!!!

I am only 75# from my goal weight. But as the paleo/primal gurus say: it’s not so much the weight but how you feel. I want to feel good and look good naked. I’m not there yet but I’m close enough to know that it is within my grasp if I recommit myself and just stay the course.

That is my plan. I post it here to remain accountable. I want to weigh ~200# before the end of 2014, with MORE muscle!!


ps. One good thing about the last 4 months is that I’ve learned what I can get away with while not adding weight. Once I reach my goal physique, I’ll not have to worry about keeping it. 😉

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